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Barislim was founded on the core values of great tasteeasy daily regimes, and affordable. Our bariatric multivitamins and supplements are formulated based on recommendations from bariatric doctors and nutritionist to ensure patients are getting the proper nutrients after weight loss surgery.

Through research and science we are able to provide products that have proven to prevent malnutritionsignificantly decrease daily regimens, and reduce the cost associated with monthly nutritional programs.  

Picking the right bariatric supplements is one of the most important steps in your bariatric journey.  With proper exercise and healthy eating habits, we are confident that you can reach your goals and live the healthy lifestyle that you deserve!

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Honest Review of Our Clients

N. Gate

Verified Buyer

It was recommended to me to get a chewable vitamin. I actually gagged when chewing them! These gummies are great! They taste great, no after taste. My only issue is that I put all my daily pills in a daily container, sorted by day. Because these are a little large, they have their own daily pocket, and rest of daily in another pocket. I will buy again.

Anna Lonsinger

Verified Buyer

This actually the first vitamin I have felt better on since my gastric by-pass in 2012. Found out last year my iron level was down and had to have an infusion from my surgery. With these vitamins I seem to have more energy.

Randy G

Verified Buyer

Had been looking for a bariatric vitamin that wouldn’t make me sick. These fit the bill. The others I have tried caused nausea and vomiting. I’m happy with these! At six months post OR labs are perfect!

D. Lee

Verified Buyer

More bang for your buck. And, love taking just one pill a day and just supplementing with gummy calcium requirement.

Marnie Hecknauer

Verified Buyer

Purchase l am 16 years post gastric bypass and my bloodwork has only been so-so for the last 8-10 years. I have a lot of trouble swallowing anything larger than a Tylenol caplet, so I was very leery at trying these, but I got them and I have no trouble at all. I had bloodwork done last week so in 4 months when it’s done again I will update how these have worked. I currently have iron infusions at least twice a year and I get monthly B-12 injections. I am really hoping that these do the trick and get me up to where I need to be to stop those expensive treatments.